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baka Jul 17 '17

solid wood composite doors is that they are easy to break and are afraid of water. 2, solid wood door solid wood door is derived from natural logs from the forest to make the door core, after drying and then by cutting, planing, drilling, milling, tenon shaped process as. The wood door is used more valuable timber, such as walnut, cherry, teak, wood door natural wood texture and color, to advocate the return natural style of decoration in the family, is

undoubtedly the best choice. Solid wood door prices for more than 3000 yuan, it is for the average family decoration is a huge investment, can not bear the high-grade wood door with walnut, cherry, Sabili, rosewood and the finest teak door door price is as high as 4000-5000 yuan. 3, molded wooden door molded wooden door is composed of two pieces of wood with moulded and simulated wood grain. Molded doors can be top, can achieve beautiful and

practical effect. Because the moulded wooden door plate is hollow, the natural sound insulation effect is not ideal, and the water is very afraid of water. Compared to hand-made solid wood doors, because the door is the use of mechanized production, so its cost is relatively low. At present, the molded wooden doors on the market are more than 700-800 yuan. Chinese home building materials Decoration Association Secretary General Hu Zhongxin said:

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